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Enterprises and institutions face more organizational challenges today than perhaps ever before.


I will help you and your organization navigate the difficulties of the 21st Century business world - with more than 40 years of experience in strategic transformations and a reliable network of partners behind me. My key focuses are - based on my broad experiences - brief impulses or limited interventions combined with subsequent temporary coaching or mentoring of key drivers of the required change on the job.

Find more about me and my background, or dive right in and discover, how my consulting concept can benefit your organization!

I'm looking forward to working together with you to unleash the high performance and hidden capabilities of your organization!

Peter Wollmann
Consulting Partner
What's new?

The second book in the Three Pillars series is set for release in early April 2021, with the planning of the third book underway. Learn more about the Three Pillars concept here and on the official project website.



I was recently interviewed for the Fierce 5 weekly podcast where I talked about running a resiliant business in disruptive times.

Listen here.