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How my consulting concept will benefit your organization

The goal of my consulting concept is to empower your key players and the whole high performance organization for your transformation journey.

In these disruptive times, enterprises and institutions face more challenges than ever before. More fresh thoughts from an outside perspective are necessary. With different organizational structures (e.g. classical vs hybrid), the desire for stability and clarity clashes with an increasing ambiguity and a perceived loss of control.

These conflicts need to be solved. 

My strong belief is that organizations, their key players and their ecosystems already implicitly have nearly all the factors and capabilities to fix their fundamental issues. Mostly, only a brief and very focussed one-off impulse as start, combined with a temporary coaching or mentoring of key drivers of the needed change, is required. 

This way, an organization can overcome silo-thinking, establish a new culture of cooperation and pave the way for interaction and collaborative learning in an intelligent systemic architecture.

Fast & Focused Interventions to Create Momentum
Using a Scalable "Cafeteria Concept" and Blending Different Approaches

A typical plan for my consulting approach looks likes this:

  1. Teaser Workshop:
    With single persons or teams. Rough analysis of the current organizational  set-up & its issues on high-level (Professional Setting-Check). Decision about potential deep dives. 


  2. Strategy Workshop:
    Evaluation of the initial situation in detail, decide direction and roadmap, draft and prioritize needed initiatives roughly incl. needed approaches together with exec management.


  3. Coaching & Mentoring - in person and/or online:
    Support of the key persons or teams for a defined  time (e.g., in critical projects and project phases). 


  4. Activity Labs and Micro-Programs:
    Fast and innovative creation of solutions for analyzed current issues in Labs.  Lab-Series to create in-house solutions for prioritized initiatives and realize them in the organization. 


  5. Defined Transformation Support:
    On demand sparring, re-framing, consulting and quality assurance for the broad realization in the enterprise, incl. continuous learnings & their integration into practice.


  6. Regular Setting-Checks:
    Analyse organization’s progress at defined important transformation roadmap milestones. Ensure needed quality of results and accuracy of risk register

For a comprehensive overview of my services and my consulting approach, including project examples and an example timeline, please download my PDF presentation.

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