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My Network

of colleagues and experts
Join my network!

An extensive, reliable network is a powerful asset to leverage for success in any project. In my time as a senior manager and consultant, I have built up a close-knit, international network of colleagues and experts.

Selected people and organizations in my partner team and network are:

  • Three Pillars Community (> 70 members from 5 continents, from over 20 countries and from about 50 different organizations, thereof more  than 20 large global players)

  • Business Transformation Team of one of the “Big Four” in Germany

  • ILP-International Leadership Program, York - Bob Dignen

  • Simdustry - Stefanie Flecke & Team

  • Eleva Group, Barcelona - Fernando Sanabria

  • Dr. Hannspeter Schmidt – HPS Consulting

  • Gudrun Pleuger – Systemic Coaching

  • Sabina Kukuk – Acting Coaching

  • Babette Drewniok – Lecturer, Trainer, Business Coaching

  • Greenhouse Group, Brussels

  • York Associates (Dr. Martin Kirchner-Anzinger and Bob Dignen)

  • Jeff Aristy - Big Apple Business

  • Alberto Casagrande – Ex McKinsey and global Big Data Expert – CEO The Core

  • Network of CITO/COO/IT-Transformation Directors (Zurich, Generali, IWG etc.)

  • Diverse Experience Exchange Networks (Project & Project Portfolio Management, Large Transformations)

If you'd like to connect, email me at or get in touch on LinkedIn!
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